Tablao El Arenal offers different types of reservation according to the preferences of our customers. We also have specific offers that you can check in this section. You can contact us if you need more information.

To make your reservation, access Booking Schedule and select the option Show and drink on the form.
Enjoy the flamenco show Tablao El Arenal. Includes a drink.
To make your reservation, access Booking Schedule and select the option Show and selection of tapas on the form.
“Tapas” are part of Spanish gastronomic culture; hundreds of years of tradition that have left many things yet to be discovered.

Tablao Flamenco Arenal offers you the chance to taste a selection of “tapas” which, accompanied by a genuine Flamenco show, will allow you to experience an unforgettable night. We offer the following `tapas':

Cold tapas

  • Foie bonbon with fig jam
  • Salmon Tartar with avocado and tartar sauce
  • Salmorejo with cured Spanish ham and quail eggs

Hot tapas

  • Cod fritters with roasted garlic cream
  • Codfish with tomato sauce
  • Boneless duck and orange confit on cream of violet potatoes


  • Dulce de leche mousse, Genoise cake, and banana ice cream


  • One (1) drink to choose
To make your reservation, access Booking Schedule and select the option Show and dinner on the form.
El Arenal Tablao Flamenco offers you an a la carte Menu comprised of the finest Andalusian dishes, including:


Ball of foie gras with fig preserves
Codfish fritters with a creamy roasted garlic sauce

First courses
Salmon and avocado tartar with tartar sauce
Salmorejo (cold, puréed vegetable soup) with a Spanish ham and egg garnish
Salad with burrata cheese, Raf tomatoes, red pesto, cured cheese, and honey mustard vinaigrette
Duck cannelloni with a pâté sauce and a pear confit
Seasoned and dressed potatoes, egg, caramelized onion, blood sausage and creamed ham

Main courses
Centre-cut tenderloin steak, grilled pâté, and a generous wine sauce with French toast
Boneless duck and orange confit on cream of violet potatoes
Grilled seasonal vegetables with two sauces (tartar and roasted garlic cream)
Our version of cordon-bleu with a truffle and mushroom cream
Honeyed Iberian pork with a curried aroma on sautéed oriental noodles
Grilled skewer of boneless hake, candied onions, wild asparagus, and Martini sauce
Our traditional codfish with tomato sauce and tuber chips

Chocolate ganaché , custard cream, cookie, and vanilla ice cream
Dark chocolate lava cake with raspberry jam
Dulce de leche mousse, Genoise cake, and banana ice cream

Drinks included
Glass of sherry or wine
Mineral or bottled water
White or red wine (Rioja Crianza wine for two diners)